If you're looking for an author to:

   -- share during a school assembly      
   -- teach a classroom writing lesson, or
   -- share with your homeschool group,
Reach for the Stars writing workshops offer a full range of writing activities for kids and parents.
For schools, classrooms & home school groups:
I am also available for full day presentations. Includes assemblies plus 3 or 4 individual classroom writing workshops using material from my Reach for the Stars writing workbook. 
(See speaker packet for details)
Grade levels: 1-8.
Fee: $300-$400, but I am flexible.
depending on the situation. For 
more information, Email me.
Download my speaker packet for references, contact information, and presentation summaries. 
~ Let the Feelings Show
Creating your characters is only the first step. "Showing" their feelings instead of "telling" makes characters come alive.

~ The 5 Elements of Story
Character, Setting, Problem, Plot, and Solution--the keys to writing a great story!

~ Let's Go Fishing!
Create gripping beginnings that "hook" your reader and make him want to keep reading your story.

~ Hold That Pose!
Learn how and when to use a "writing camera" to freeze key characters, settings, and objects in your story.
Writing Topics:
What People Are Saying:
"After 21 years of teaching writing at various levels, I have never been able to accomplish what Susan Marlow is able to achieve in a short 45 min. lesson. Susan quickly engages the students into the world of writing. She transforms youngsters into enthusiastic, confident authors. I would recommend Susan's writing workshop for young writers."    
~Kay Erickson, language arts teacher from Buckley, WA

"We loved having Susan Marlow at Birney Elementary School. She is as wholesome and entertaining as her books."   
~Debbie Passmore, teacher from Tacoma, WA

"Susan Marlow gives an interactive school presentation which is both engaging and informative...She exudes a love for children and her craft, which inspires enthusiasm for writing...I give her presentation four stars!"   
~Sharon Westra, librarian, Mt. Vernon Christian School

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